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This section is designed to provide you with answers to some of the commonly asked questions about our online SEN "e-learning"/face-to-face training day facilities. If you cannot find the answer to your own query in the text below, please contact us at ipsea.foundation@hotmail.co.uk for further information on these resources. 

(Please Note: All content in the IPSEA SEN Law: Foundation (e-Learning) modules reflect the CURRENT law under the Children & Families Act 2014).


How much does the course cost?

Our online "e-learning" facility is priced at £79. Face-to-Face SEN Training Days for 2014 will be announced in due course, with the price of the course to be confirmed.

PLEASE NOTE: some of the law in Wales relating to SEN is different to the law in England. This course is based purely around the prevailing law in England.


Does the online course pretty much cover the same topics as the SEN face-to-face training day?

The online course comprises 10 modules covering various elements of SEN law. The purpose of the course is to cement, clarify or expand people's understanding of SEN law. Each module consists of ten questions each (multiple choice), covering the following areas of SEN law:

Foundation module 1: The SEN legal framework
Foundation module 2: The duties on local authorities
Foundation module 3: The duties on schools and further education institutions
Foundation module 4: Education, Health and Care (EHC) needs assessments
Foundation module 5: EHC plans
Foundation module 6: Naming a school or FE institution in an EHC plan
Foundation module 7: Personal budgets and direct payments
Foundation module 8: Changing plans (including annual review, transfer and ceasing to maintain an EHC plan)
Foundation module 9: Mediation and the SEND tribunal
Foundation module 10: Education Act 1996 (the parts which will remain relevant during the transition period)

In short, the face-to-face training will:

1. Consolidate the understanding gained through completing the online SEN "e-learning" course.

2. Offer you practical advice and best practice.

3. Provide sessions for questions and answers


I am interested in your online training. Can I ask how long you think each module will take, is there a time limit to complete all modules? 

The online course consists of 10 modules. Each module is comprised of ten multiple choice questions each. Learning speeds vary greatly, but we suspect that the modules would take between twenty and thirty hours in total. We recommend that users complete modules within six months to have a contemporary knowledge of the current legislation.


I have registered for the IPSEA training and I need to book for some of my colleagues. Is it possible to register their details and pay for them all at once?

If you are part of/work for an organisation & you would like to book additional places for colleagues, IPSEA would request that you fill in the registration form  for each person that wishes to undertake the modules. To do this click the link http://ipseafoundation.ipsea.org.uk/ipsea/registration.aspx. When this part of the process has been completed, you will be able to pay for your colleagues all at once via the website, as long as you are able to pay via credit card/Paypal.

All you need to do is add the training to your basket, and when you check out, select the option to 'update' the quantities. Once you have updated the quantities, you should be able to complete the rest of the payment process.

IPSEA would ask that prior to/just after completing your payment, that you email us (ipsea.foundation@hotmail.co.uk) with a list of names/e-mail addresses of the colleagues that you have indicidually registered. This will allow us to cross reference the application details on our system with your payment/details provided, and give your colleagues access to the modules as soon as possible.


Pay-pal doesn't seem to be working when I try to complete the purchase of multiple units of e-Learning - How can I pay?

If you are intending to purchase IPSEA SEN Law: Foundation (e-Learning) in bulk, and are having problems using Paypal to complete the payment process, you can contact us at ipsea.training@hotmail.co.uk, where we can produce an invoice for your organisation.


Will a section include all of the SEN changes expected next year?

We intend to release updated e-learning as and when the new Bill is enacted. These modules are intended to equip people with the current law which we believe will be valid for at least a year. At present however, the law is the law and this course does not guess at (or allude to) potential changes that may come. 


With regard to the modules, are you required to supply evidence of understanding?

The asssessment process is satisfied simply by you (the user) answering the various questions correcty. If you score sufficient marks across all of the modules to pass the course, we feel it demonstrates a thourough understanding of the law.


I would like to know if you receive a certificate after doing the course?

Upon successful completion of the course you will receive an IPSEA certificate which outlines your proficiency in each module and your overall score.